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As a homeowner, you likely don’t give a second thought to your house’s concrete slab and masonry materials. However, over time, even the most durable building components wear out and need service.

Whether the initial installation wasn’t as accurate as it should have been, or it’s been several decades since your home got built, you need an experienced team of foundation repair experts. And for over 45 years, Prime Foundation Repair remains the best foundation company in Dallas.

From minor repairs to complete house leveling, we can handle it all for less every day. No one else knows there way around foundations like our team.

Call today and request your free quote and experience the best in Dallas foundation repair solutions. We’re available for your call seven days a week for convenient service and faster completion times.

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Foundation Repairs That Add More Life to Your Property’s Core

It all starts with a simple fracture on your wall. Cracks on the floors follow, and before you know it, one side of your home is sinking lower than the other. Your most cherished investment is not as new as it once was.

Now all the investment you made into your property is at risk because of the arising foundation problems. Like everyone else, the first reaction might be panic. Yet, you need not worry. Foundation problems, as big as they are, can be repaired to secure your property longer.

Prime Foundation Repair is your go-to foundation repair company in Dallas, Texas. We are the repair company for property owners in need of speedy and quality foundation services. 


Foundation Repair Dallas TX

We offer complete foundation services to help as many area residents as possible. No matter what sort of foundation your home depends on, we have the perfect repair service type each time.

Whether you need a second opinion regarding the status of your current foundation or you know that you need repairs now, we offer the best service every day. We have the skill you can depend on for better maintenance and faster responses no matter the situation. We are also an accredited business with the BBB so you can rest assure that we have the best interest for you and your foundation repair needs.


A zero headache process

We know. The foundation repair process is a real-time consumer, a source of stress, and every property owner’s worst nightmare. There’s so much work involved, many changes to adapt to, and probably, loads of repairs to walk through.

Here is where we come in. We have been in the business long enough to refine our process into something that suits your needs. We make working with us as your foundation repair company, a zero-headache process. Here are a couple of things we do to make foundation repair, a zero-worry time for you.

Fast and direct customer service– Whether through a call or an email, we communicate all you need to know, exactly when you need it.

A guiding partner– We give you a walk-through of the process from start to finish without hold-backs.

Available all seven days a week– A lazy Sunday afternoon and you need something clarified? You can always call us, and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible.


Dallas Foundation repair experts with over 40 years

With more than four decades of foundation repair experience, working with our company means that you get the best repairs in Texas. 

Our team consists of certified structural technicians that work in harmony with your needs to give you a sturdy foundation.

Additionally, we evaluate your foundation to determine the level of damage and other underlying factors. No, you don’t need to stress over what needs changing and what doesn’t. We take you through the process, guiding you on the best repair techniques so your foundation can serve longer.

A solid quality guarantee

Integrity and pride in our repair work are what have kept us in business for more than 40 years in the industry. When we finish with the repairs, we can guarantee unmatched quality and durability.

We perform repairs in a way that ensures you don’t have to worry about foundation anymore- now you can focus on living life. Your foundation gets the best repairs done by certified professionals and products that will last a lifetime.

Let’s give your property a better foundation

Prime Foundation Repair can help you add more years to your property with a better foundation. Contact us today to start your property’s journey to a healthier foundation.

Choose us for the best in complete Dallas concrete contractor services and save more on the items your home requires. No one else can beat us on price or quality for all your needs, including:



Our Services

  • Foundation Repair
  • Slab Repair
  • Home Leveling
  • Pier & Beam Leveling
  • Commercial Foundation Repair Buildings
  • Any Foundation Repair Job Big or Small We Can Do it!!



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