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    As a homeowner, you likely don’t give a second thought to your house’s concrete slab and masonry materials. However, over time, even the most durable building components wear out and need service.

    Whether the initial installation wasn’t as accurate as it should have been, or it’s been several decades since your home got built, you need an experienced team of foundation repair experts. And for over 45 years, Prime Foundation Repair remains the best foundation company in Dallas.

    From minor repairs to complete house leveling, we can handle it all for less every day. No one else knows there way around foundations like our team.

    Call today and request your free quote and experience the best in Dallas foundation repair solutions. We’re available for your call seven days a week for convenient service and faster completion times.

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    Foundation Repair Dallas TX

    We offer complete foundation services to help as many area residents as possible. No matter what sort of foundation your home depends on, we have the perfect repair service type each time.

    Whether you need a second opinion regarding the status of your current foundation or you know that you need repairs now, we offer the best service every day. We have the skill you can depend on for better maintenance and faster responses no matter the situation. We are also an accredited business with the BBB so you can rest assure that we have the best interest for you and your foundation repair needs.

    Choose us for the best in complete Dallas concrete contractor services and save more on the items your home requires. No one else can beat us on price or quality for all your needs, including:



    Our Services

    • Slab Repair
    • Pier and Beam
    • House Leveling
    • Concrete Removal

    Slab Repair Dallas TX

    Most homes utilize a concrete slab foundation. However, when there’s an issue with these type of systems, it also means you’ll need a concrete contractor in Dallas with the experience necessary to excavate, repair, and fill soil back in around your home once they’ve finished.

    The process of repairing your slab requires us to lift your home with a hydraulic jack gently. That allows us to access any areas that are deteriorating to apply new concrete where it’s needed.

    Once lifted, we ensure that the building is entirely level once more, preventing further structural issues. Then our team restores your yard, leaving it better than we found it.

    Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Dallas

    It’s likely that if you don’t have a concrete slab foundation that you use a pier and beam system. However, not all foundation repair Dallas Texas contractors service these homes.

    Because so many of these houses are upwards of 100 years old, they don’t trust themselves to get the job done. Only Prime Foundation Repair has the level of expertise you can depend on for all your foundation repair needs.

    Whether your wood pilings are rotted out, or you need new pads and shims, we offer it all regardless of your home’s age. Contact us for your personalized home foundation inspections and receive expert advice as to which services are right for you.

    House Leveling Company in Dallas TX

    If you catch foundation problems early enough, you might not have damage to your slab. In these instances, the home has merely sunken down into the soil and needs to get lifted back up.

    Over time, the weight and pressure of your home press down against the earth under the building. All that’s needed is for hydraulic lifts to even out your home, as well as new concrete added under the slab to prevent further sinking.

    Call today for your free quote and save on complete foundation services. We remain the best choice in house leveling Dallas has to offer.

    Concrete Removal Dallas

    Sometimes a concrete slab is too far damaged to salvage. While we can likely repair or even replace it, it means that you have broken concrete that needs removal.

    Whether a different concrete contractor left mounds of busted cement at your home, you completed a DIY project, or you haven’t known how to dispose of old concrete, we can remove it all. No matter what the reason, we offer convenient and affordable removals every day.

    No matter what type of repair services your home needs, we guarantee the best results possible at lower pricing seven days every week. Call today for your free service quote and save a ton on the repairs your home requires.

    See why more homeowners trust their houses with Prime Foundation Repair over anyone else.

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