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  • Commercial Foundation Repair

    Commercial Foundation Repair

    Commercial Foundation Repair



    Owning a commercial space means balancing maintenance costs month to month. However, some repairs can’t stay ignored for long.

    When you encounter issues with your building’s foundation, it can cause a ton of frustration. Not only do you need repair services immediately but locating a commercial contractor can feel nearly impossible.

    Luckily for you, Prime Foundation Repair continues providing the best in local foundation repair services. For more than 45 years, no one else offers the level of quality that we do for more areas businesses.

    Call now to hear more about how we save more Dallas, TX businesses on total foundation repair options. No one else achieves the level of value that we do every day.

    Commercial Foundation Services

    Despite how durable your building’s foundation remains, it will eventually develop issues that must get serviced right away. Over time, your structure continues sinking further into the ground, causing misshapen floors and uneven settling.

    In some cases, the concrete slab begins deteriorating, causing more problems faster than it usually would. When that happens, it can soon lead to your entire building becoming at risk for structural issues or even walls and ceilings collapsing.

    Instead, we recommend calling us at the first signs that something is amiss with your structure. We guarantee faster responses and the quality of service you can depend on each time.

    We help more area residents and business owners save on the repair options that they require. Call today for complete foundation services, including:

    • Foundation Damage Inspections
    • Property Excavation
    • Concrete Slab Repairs
    • Pier & Beam System Service
    • Building Leveling Services
    • Exterior Masonry Repairs
    • Damaged Concrete Removal Service
    • Free Service Estimates
    • Financing Options

    And more commercial foundation services.

    Commercial Foundation Contractors

    Dallas remains one of the most populated areas of the country. That means that commercial buildings are everywhere, and they all have the potential for foundation issues.

    Whether your business operates in the downtown area or closer to one of the many area suburbs, we guarantee fast response times and even quicker completions. For more than 45 years, we are still the trusted choice in complete foundation repair services.

    No matter what sort of company you operate or the zoning it retains, we guarantee better results provided at lower pricing. Let us help you save on expert repair options any day of the week.

    Call us for all your foundation repair needs. We can help you fix them all for:


    Apartment Buildings


    Condominium Structures


    Hotels & Hospitality Buildings


    Medical Offices



    school (1)

    Educational Buildings


    Schools & Universities


    Food Service Companies


    Office Buildings


    Retail Centers


    Strip Malls


    Industrial Structures


    Automotive Companies


    Manufacturing Centers

    And all other commercial property needs.

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