Residential Foundation Repair



As a homeowner, you can soon feel overwhelmed with the number of maintenance and repair items that you need to consider. However, some are more crucial than others when it comes to ensuring a structurally sound building.

Foundation repairs are services best left up to the experienced professionals. Otherwise, you could quickly see a damaged slab turn to ruble.

For over 45 years, Prime Foundation Repair has assisted countless Dallas TX residents with the best in foundation repair options. Whatever the purpose of your call, we guarantee the best results possible each time.

No one else has the level of expertise you can depend on or more ways to save on complete foundation services. Call today for your free estimate and save more on the repairs and maintenance you deserve.

Residential Foundation repairs for a Stronger Home

You had it all planned out. This is the home you were to live in your retirement years- The place where your grandkids could visit over holidays and share a meal or two. But something is wrong. You have noticed how the cabinets no longer stay put to the walls. You have observed how it feels like you are walking on a sloped floor in some parts of your home.


Could your house be having a foundation problem? 


Well, Prime Foundation Repair has dealt with such situations for over 45 years. We serve Dallas residents with repair services that ensure their homes stay sturdier through the years. We are the foundation repair company in Dallas to help you deal with foundation issues for good.  


We go to where the problems happen

Sometimes, you are not sure what problem your home’s foundation is having. You might also not know how to deal with these foundation issues.


We will come to where you are. Through inspections in your home, we determine the problem and guide you through the best repair methods. With our free in-home inspections, you can get the information you need to make repair decisions with a professional beside you.

No nasty, extra costs

You had a quote, but once the bills arrived, they charged more than you bargained. We understand how frustrating it is to work with such contractors. Over the years, we have put in measures to give our customers transparent services.

We give you a transparent quote that stands true right to the end. Furthermore, our prices are not only upfront but also fair and affordable unlike any in the market.

Are you struggling with financing a repair budget?

You will be pleased to know we have financing for our customers. We also have discounts of up to 5% per project for nurses, the police force, and senior citizens.

Get Professional to work on your home foundation

Professionalism is something we have developed for over four decades. We only work with certified experts spanning experience of decades. All our technicians have undergone training, are insured, and bonded before taking on any project.

Working with us sets you up with one of Dallas’s best foundation repair companies.

Residential Foundation Services

We offer more ways to prevent further structural issues with complete repair options and lower rates each day. Whether you’re looking for an annual inspection, have noticed warning signs of slab problems, or you need to know you’re getting the best value possible, we are here for you every day.

Our team is the experienced option in local foundation repair services, helping more homeowners throughout the area in feeling safe again in their house. No matter what the current status of your foundation might be, we have the perfect solution each time.

We keep you and your loved ones safe while we are at it

Whether during or after a foundation repair project, safety standards are always a priority with us. As a family-owned business, we know the value of the family. Keeping them, and your property safe hence is a key and crucial part of our business.


Contact us for a stronger foundation

It’s not yet too late to live in that same home for your retirement years. We can help you with a cracked and damaged foundation. With quality products and professionals who understand all things foundations, your home has a better chance of lasting longer.

Get in touch and find out how Prime Foundation Repair can help you with foundation repairs in Dallas. 972-200-3271

See why more residents entrust our contractors with their home foundation repairs than anyone else around. We offer all the services you can rely on, including:

• Foundation Inspections
• Concrete Slab Repairs
• Pier and Beam Foundation Services
• House Leveling Service
• Masonry Repairs
• Concrete Removal Options
• Free Service Quotes
• In-House Customer Financing
• And more ways to save on better foundation repair solutions.

Hiring our team for your job means receiving expert repair contractors who can solve any issue you find. Give your home the best quality of repairs at lower pricing and choose us today.

How Does it Work?

In most instances, the process remains the same save for a few minor changes in service, depending on which style of foundation your home utilizes. Primarily, we dig beneath your home and use a hydraulic lift to stabilize it, as well as access any areas that require repairs.

There are two primary types of soil grade that your residence sits on; most of the earth is softer and prone to shifting, while deep under your building is a layer of harder dirt. It’s that layer that we depend on for an even leveling of your property, as well as keeping you safe during the process.

Once we finish leveling out your foundation and correcting any issues, we fill it all back in and clean up so that you would never even know that we were there. For more than four decades, we’ve remained the reliable option every day.

Contact us now for your free quote and to learn more about our customer financing options. No one saves you more like Prime Foundation Repair’s concrete contractors.

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