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While your home or company requires many different maintenance services, concrete slab repair remains one of the most advanced options you could need. Although the team at Prime Foundation Repair provides the fastest service possible, you never know what the next job will entail.

For most service calls regarding slab repairs, the process starts out the same way each time we respond to a job. Our expert repair crew needs to get under your home to where the foundation is to prevent further structural damage from occurring.

Some may ask if they can put off calling for their foundation repair service, but these types of problems are not something that can stay on the back burner. The longer that you hold off on calling us, the more severe the situation.

That is why we offer lower rates and in-house customer financing solutions. For more than 45 years, we are still the affordable and professional choice in Dallas TX slab repairs.

Concrete Slab Repair

What you may not realize about your building is that it stays built on top of a solid block of cement surrounded by softer soil. Considering that your home likely weighs several tons, it’s only a matter of time before it starts to shift, sink, and crumble.

Many issues associated with your foundation slab occur because weight and pressure get distributed unevenly. Too much on one end forces it to lean to one side, causing significant damage above in the home or office.

Other times, the foundation begins to sink lower than where it initially got poured. While that might not seem like a serious issue, consider all of the permanent utility components like plumbing and sewer lines and electrical wires that must remain in the same position.

No matter what your situation or causes of foundation slab problems, our team always has the perfect solution ready for you. Call now and request your repair service expert to inspect your concrete slabs.

Slab Repair Dallas

We do our best to reduce how much we interrupt your schedule with our repair services. However, getting to where your slab remains will require some invasive maneuvering.

First, we completely excavate around the perimeter of your building so that we can safely get underneath it. From there, your structure gets lifted with hydraulic jacks that secure the slab to the denser soil deep under the property.

Next, we locate areas of evident deterioration to begin leveling and repairs. If we don’t straighten out your foundation first, the corrections won’t last for very long.

Once we secure and repair your concrete slab, we then fill back in the areas we dug out. Our team doesn’t quit until we leave your property better than we first found it.

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